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    Did the faction/server change fees ever get in your way?

    For example. Way back, when I had the red and black lumberjack. I used to play a night elf hunter, pretty active with a PVE guild from Blade's Edge EU. The whole guild eventually switched to... Trollbane EU horde side, so I faction/server changed and became an orc hunter. Anyway, I quit playing for pretty much years, and when I came back everyone who I used to play with had splintered. Some played horde on other realms, some played on an RP realm alliance side, and some played on Silvermoon EU alliance side. Basically, there was no one left on Trollbane EU horde side beside myself, on an underpopulated realm. Whenever I've returned to WoW, I've always logged onto my hunter, which is my main and the only character I levelled to endzone, and just sat there. I used to run solo stuff on it, or pugs but quickly would become bored. I just couldn't afford to switch realm and faction to play with old friends. I'd have loved to, it's just something I couldn't afford for the forseeable future. I also don't have the time or energy to just re-roll a new character on a friends realm. It just isn't the same, not being on your main. There is a reason I only levelled the 1 character to endzone, and that is because I just don't have the time to have multiple alts.

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    Yes, but not individual cost, but the cost of all my toons. My friends and I transferred Alliance for PvP in Cata and now we want to play Horde again but $100+ is just too much.

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