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    Quote Originally Posted by PizzaSHARK View Post
    I still don't understand why they can't just apply the challenge mode mechanic and do away with dedicated PvP gear entirely. Why do I need to grind items in PvP?
    how would you apply the challenge mode mechanic to PvP? pleas elaborate, as in cosmetic rewards at certain ratings? there planning to do this.

    if you mean that we pvp in pve gear and just transmog through a BG challenge mode or something then no, why should we pve to pvp a lot of us pvp people hate pve entirely.

    i have had to guess what you mean to be honest as there was not much if any info in your post except a random idea.

    We went through 3 expansions with only resil and pvp was fine.
    it really was not, pve trinkets, a ring and mixing the 2set bonus in some cases with some classes from pve in pvp was just not fun, not to mention : legendary's and certain epics too.

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    At this point it's just a question of time for Blizzard to completely separate what abilities do in PvE and PvP, and I, for one, can't wait. It will be much easier to control the ridiculous burst without destroying a spec in PvE. Yeah, Blizzard will have to tweak more numbers. Boohoo. They've said multiple times that tweaking numbers is easy and is one of the last things they do, so why this aversion to doing it in PvP?

    Season Conquest Cap.
    Ability numbers completely separate in PvE and PvP.
    Keep Power/Resi.

    = Me happy.

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    The problem with the OP is he is only looking at one side of the equation... catch-up time. Which is far better in this expansion then in previous expansions.

    But the other side of the issue is simply rewarding people who pvp from the beginning of a season. People who play the game mainly for pvp SHOULD have a nice gear advantage over someone who only decides to hop into PVP once the raid is on farm. Those raiders SHOULD have to spend some time fighting an uphill battle before they can gradually catch-up. If that person, mid-season, becomes dedicated to PVP, it will not take them that long to be relatively caught up.

    The problem with the OP, which is the same with people who want to raid.. ´Hey, I just started right now, why can´t I have the best gear and be competitive with people who have been doing this for months´.. Answer, because it is good game design to reward people for being dedicated to an activity over time.

    So get in there, get your butt kicked for a few weeks... and grow up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Azrile View Post
    So get in there, get your butt kicked for a few weeks... and grow up.
    A few weeks? What game are you playing? The rating based weekly cap makes it a certainty that you can not catch up.

    People seem to focus on the gear itself instead of what is keeping people from acquiring it.

    Until they put in a season cap that increases weekly for all players and isn't tied to rating/format, then players will never have the ability to catch up.

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    I've done it the same way every season. Clear raid tier, go human, play catch up, and see how high I can get. There isn't anything wrong with having to catch up, that's the point of a season. I'm not dedicated enough to pvp to reach much higher than 2200 so the gear isn't a huge limiting factor for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baphomette View Post
    Most of their ilvl juggling now is to keep PVE gear from being good in PVP and vice versa, and they're succeeding far better than in previous expansions.
    hit the nail on the head with that.
    pvp is to pvp as pve is to pve now,

    exception is if two pve geared people fight each other, that's actually kind of fun(unless it's a healer)
    many tiers later the difference will be large enough...

    well i've been seeing a lot of pvp gear in pve...because it'll have both secondary stats now...makin me sad... the reverse pve gear in pvp still holds true though.
    Still I cry, tears like pouring rain, Innocent is my lurid pain.

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