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    World of Logs - Asian invasion

    I've heard from some people that they were editing parses. But it could also be the case that they just have no life and are specifically just trying to take over all the ranks. Either way it seems like everyone else is cheated out of it. Its annoying to see top logs from INSERT RANDOM ASIAN SYMBOLS HERE. Not to be racist, but it takes away from the community in my opinion and now I can't really rank much anymore. Just wanted to hear what everyone else thought.

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    if they can do it why not

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    higher ilvl 25 man

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    They have higher itemlevels in their servers thats why they do more dps / healing. They arent editing parses or things like that :P

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    Thats why WOL was killed unless youd ban/seperate Asians. GG Blizz.

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    All you guys are just mad cause the Asian persuasion is here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nirty999 View Post
    They have higher itemlevels in their servers thats why they do more dps / healing. They arent editing parses or things like that :P
    So basically we should complain to WoL to separate asian & US/EU parses? How much higher are their ilvls? Do you have a link or something?

    EDIT: Ah yes, now I remember something about asians having separate 10 & 25mans + different gear. I read it seems to be 8ilvls higher which seems to account for why most of them are top parses. So now its time to separate them, idk why its taken so long.
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    All you jelly haters need to l2p and stfu cause you all mad cause we are the ASIAN PERSUASION coming at you like niggas chasing kool aid truck.

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    so if they have normal names it'd be fine?

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    "I'm not being racist, but..."

    Why do you care so much about ranking? Anyway, this was bound to happen, give other servers higher ilvl drops and they get higher DPS. Do they not deserve to be ranked appropriately because they have symbols that you can't understand?
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    This won't go anywhere good. Closing before it gets any worse.
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