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    Angry Where does Blizzard get off??

    So i was playing in LFR the other day with a few friends. we were having a great time i was toppin the charts as an arcane mage then i said "It was gods plan for the kids at sandy hook to die!" and i guess some people took offense to it i mean they kicked me from the group. needless to say i was mortified even my own friends in there voted to kick me so i was a little upset about the whole incident so i go to bed. then i come home from school the next day and i find i have an email from Blizzard its telling me im banned for 72 hours then im like the fuck did i do?? so apparently people are really sensitive about sandy hook because thats why i was banned. do you think BLizz had a right to ban me?

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    Talking about religion is a bannable offense.
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    ´So.. sorry to bring this up but..you know that .."thing" (Med'an).. is that "thing" cannon still?
    ...as much have some have wished otherwise, yes. (Loreology)

    RPG is non-canon by default. (MickyNeilson)

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    ... what the hell did you expect would happen from saying that?

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    This is not a topic that would even remotely go well. In fact, I believe this is meant to upset people, so I'm going to close this here.

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