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    I never got a rare mount in this game

    Despite farming it all days ...

    Each week i make the Eye (Kael'Thas), and the Eye of eternity (Malygos), 7 heroic skadi for the blue prot, i buy an egg each week, i make the first boss of Karazhan each weak, i sometime farm Aeonaxx & lost in time prot, and i also killed altairus for about 50 times. I also, sometimes, when there is people to do it I make Uldu and Icecrown citadel but i have no chance to get the mount ...

    Guess what ?
    Never got any mount...
    Seriously i'm tired, i had the red prot on the Ulduar patch on WotLK, and i got the volcanic stone drake on early cataclysm, way before the firelands patch, and i'm tired cause now, everyone can have thoses mounts : and cause all of that i'll never have a cool mount ... why ? Just WHY ?
    Couldn't they delete the reward as for black proto drake and the plagued drake ?

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    If u are tired then dont do it, u have to realize rng is a cruel mistress and she will either shower u with mounts or leave you in the cold special mountless desert.
    If u are tired of the game id highly recomend a short break or maybe try something diff (alts, pet battles,transmorg farming)

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    if you are tired i'd recommend sleep :3

    P.S. Anzu> all those mounts

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    RNG is cruel. It took me 90 runs of stratholme to get Rivendare's Deathcharger, 40~ runs to get the hawkstrider from MT, 4 months to get time-lost, 6 months to get aeonaxx, 30 runs and counting on onyxia, 36 runs and counting on TK, 20~ runs to get blue proto.
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    Def. Not here.
    "7 heroic skadi" poor you. Try farming for anzu since it came out, running it with the guild every week all the way up to ToC.
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    Im close to 600 Strat runs with no mount.

    7 runs of UP is nothing.

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    Got rivendares charger the first time I ever went there with the intention of farming for it and not just leveling through.

    I farm every other soloable rare mount in the game though and have gotten any of those.

    RNG is RNG.

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    Just one more and I'll get it, just one more and I'll get it, just one more and I'll get it...
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    ´So.. sorry to bring this up know that .."thing" (Med'an).. is that "thing" cannon still? much have some have wished otherwise, yes. (Loreology)

    RPG is non-canon by default. (MickyNeilson)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Theiea View Post
    Im close to 600 Strat runs with no mount.

    7 runs of UP is nothing.
    He's saying 7 runs a week, etc.

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    7 runs per week, since WotLK, almost every week, every day. (also i stopped to play on Cataclysm, and i restarted one month ago)

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    He quite clearly means 7 days a week of farming Blue Proto Drake.

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    RNG is a cruel cruel mistress. I spent 6 years killing garr every week before he FINALLY gave up his thunderfury binding. My missus went there the other week to get the pets and got both bindings that run.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wikkr View Post
    RNG is a cruel cruel mistress. I spent 6 years killing garr every week before he FINALLY gave up his thunderfury binding. My missus went there the other week to get the pets and got both bindings that run.
    Gah I wonder how many of us have had this happen to us. . .

    I was third in line for getting the garr binding on my warrior as the offtank of my guild back when BWL was current content. . .and yeah same thing happened to me. Finally managed to get the Garr binding towards the end of Cata and got my TF. Couple weeks ago the Garr binding drops again on my warrior and on my hunter in his attempt to get the Crown of Destruction for transmog =_=

    In any case RNG can mean any possibility. . .irl friend of mine got both TF bindings his first MC run EVERY (during WotLK). There's the possibility of you getting Ashes of Al'ar to drop two weeks in a row. . .or NEVER. That's just how it is :c It has its ups and downs.

    Oh yes like what the other poster earlier said. . .Anzu>all
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    Yeah... RNG is a bitch.

    Saw Alar two times in 9 runs. Took another few months to see a third one.

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    here is what I accomplished over the times, the only thing is "don't give up"...perhaps don't run these instances 7 times a week, it will burn you out^^

    -Blue Proto-Drake: 89 runs (skip the first two bosses...record is skadi 2:28minutes)
    -White Hawk Strider: 56 runs
    -Onyxian Drake: 28 runs, no mount
    -Ashes of Alar: 10 runs, no mount
    -Azure Drake, 25 runs...was ninjaed although I won the /random...hate this mount ever since
    -Rivendare's Deathcharger: 7 runs, dropped the second day of farming^^
    -Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros: 29 runs, dropped 3 times already
    -Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker: 10 runs, got both of them
    -White Polar Bear, 20 days

    Also keep in mind, although I finally(!) got the blue Proto, I never use it....I just don't mind and have way too many is it really worth it?

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    So instead of saying, maybe we should make mounts be individual and be gained after x runs, people say "rng is a bitch, too bad for u someone got it after no effort, deal with it, bliz's model is perfect and should not be critized"
    The fanboy is strong in these posters.

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    I hear you man. The only rare mount I've got is the White Chicken from Magister's Terrace, on my first try. I think I got it because I honestly didn't want it, and I'm convinced the RNG in WoW can read your mind through your computer. When I played WoW I farmed everything every week for a while, and nothing dropped except the white chicken mount. My cousin got the Ashes of Al'ar on his second try.

    RNG is a fickle bitch.

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    It's a pain, I've had quite a few tries on quite a few different mounts and got others (the most recent being Midnight) but yeah trying for Thunderfury for -yonks- now, but I have all the pets now from there and BWL so just a quick 2 boss run for now in MC

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    Guess I got lucky with a mount.

    I am not farming rare mounts but I did once for 1 mount only: Raven Lord.

    I got it on 4th run.

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    Really think its about time blizzard implemented a system that gives an extra 20% chance to get loot after you down a boss without getting a drop (in a way similar to how catching a pet works in pet battles) doing the same boss every week in a raid just to get nothing but a few gold is at the best of times very tedious.... even more so when like the OP says, you want to get an old world mount, I admit they SHOULD stay rare but 124 times (and counting, yea very unlucky.) I have downed anzu and STILL no mount, whereas some people get on the first drop... there really needs to be a new system in place for getting drops in general.

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