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    What do you do with excess gold ?

    For those of us, who have golds in excess of 300k..what do you do with your gold ?.

    I currently have 428063g spread across 3 of my toons.
    I had 11.1k gold on Oct 12.
    When I realised how grindy and alt-unfriendly this xpac was, I started to focus on amassing gold (playing the market etc was more fun rather than killing mogus/mantids ...7 days a week on all of my alts)
    My professions were Enchanting/Tailoring/Alchemy/Herb/BS/Mining and I am sure that everyone would know how to make gold with these profs already.
    Nowadays I am not even doing daily CDs...just playing the market...

    Heres my predicament.

    a) I am not a fan of mounts
    b) I am not a fan of owning a guild (many ppl suggested this a gold sink)
    c) I am not a fan of expensive gear.As far as I am concerned if my main's ilvl is able to meet the current content's LFR then I am good in PVE

    What the heck am I supposed to do with these amount of gold ?.

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    Pick a random market and control it for chuckles
    buy pets and send them to random players as gifts
    buy Orbs of Mystery and sell them for less than vendor price to make people happy
    Buy mounts
    collect something random
    Collect a full set of every green armor set
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    Go to my realm and donate it to my raid team.

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    I am getting sick of always worrying about how much gold I have. I wish I could stomach doing professions or tracking auction sales enough to amass more gold.
    Most of all I wish I was soloing old content before the gold nerf.

    At the moment I flux between 1k-5k gold, with my record high around 15k gold from selling a couple of lucrative items.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mistuhbull View Post
    Pick a random market and control it for chuckles
    I currently own the cloth/enchant mats sector in our server.
    That is quite fun

    Quote Originally Posted by mistuhbull View Post
    buy pets and send them to random players as gifts
    Out of boredom I once told that all lvl 1 players starting from Northshire without heirlooms will get 100g if they open trade with me.
    For the first 10 mins, I was able to give only to 2 players.
    They all thought I was kidding....

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    Start hiring people as bodyguards if you're on a PvP server.

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    Never ever have to worry about a repair bill again? I dunno, at some point the gold just becomes a non-factor.
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    I have about two million gold spread around three different realms, with 800k on my main realm. Personally, I just stockpile for new shit what comes out or interesting BMAH items. Once you reach certain point, gold doesn't really matter anymore.

    I've also sold gold on many occasions, makes for some easy money honestly lol

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    I never have excess gold lol. Infact I never have enough gold.
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    I hoard it like Smaug. I don't usually spend it. I just... amass gold, and then, occasionally, will drop a couple thousand on the holiday for gifts to my friends or trinkets/gear for our raid group.

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    Quote Originally Posted by melodramocracy View Post
    Never ever have to worry about a repair bill again? I dunno, at some point the gold just becomes a non-factor.

    This. If you really have a lot of gold, at some point you just don't think about it anymore. The only time I think about it, is when I need to mail some to alts to avoid hitting the cap on that particular toon.

    I guess the main thing I use my gold for is game cards from my friends. I haven't paid for WoW since Wrath -- and I've never been unsubbed.
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