Thread: Wowhead down??

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    Wowhead down??

    I have been trying to enter wowhead for the last 3 days, but havn't been able to enter? Does anyone know if this is a problem with the page, or is it not available for some regions?

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    I have problems with wowhead atm too. I can enter it, but I only get the logo and the search bar, no menus. If I search for anything I just get a blank page with no results. I thought it was because of running adblock/noscript but the same thing happens in 4 different browsers with no plugins installed and even on another computer. Works fine on my phone though.

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    I can enter wowhead without any issues. Probably cookies screwing up. Try deleting your cookies for Wowhead.

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    I have the same exact issue. I have removed all cookies and yet it still won't work. I know the site does work since I can access it normally when I am using a computer at work.

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    Glad to see that i arent alone with this problem. I can see Wowheads images but no text, links or anything. So feel free to poke me if anyone find a solution.

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    This just started for me. Please let me know if you find a solution for this.

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    Assuming it looks like this, one of the JS or CSS files isn't loading properly from their CDN. Need to clear your cache / try different browsers or just wait for it to start working again. See this thread when you can access it again.

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    you could use in the meantime
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    good to know that i'm not alone with thi issue. Thanks for the advices!

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