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    Shin'ka vs malevolent?

    Hey there!

    I need some help for how to spend my conquest points.

    I currently have RF Shin'ka fully upgraded with legendary gem. The rest of my gear is either upgraded honor gear or un-upgraded malevolent. So what I need some help with is to decide whether to save up to buy malevolent wep and upgrade it, or buy the rest of my gear first.

    For reference my character is Vrraknor on Khadgar-EU (I am mainly frost, not blood btw)

    Thanks in advance!

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    This'd be a valid question if you were comparing a fully upgraded Heroic Shin'ka and T1. Seeing as though it's an RF Shin'ka, go with the T1.
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    Thanks for linking for me!

    I'll save up for the wep then. Just thought I had read somewhere that T1 was comparable to RF.. though I guess that was bogus then. Thanks!

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    If it's for PvE, it's mostly just a straight iLvL comparison and determining where your points can purchase the largest upgrade (The bigger the delta between current and new gear the better the investment)

    If it's for PvP, I would imagine that the gobs of PvP Power and Resilience on the PvP weapons would make them the most attractive item to get as soon as possible, especially if, as mentioned, you were only talking a 483 weapon, even if it had +8 iLvL plus Sha gem.

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    Check this awesome post: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...1#post19672154

    Basically, t1 is better than even a normal Shink'a, and it gets even better if you upgrade it, since weapon dps, str and pvp power all get boosted.

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    Fair point Deathgoose, I guess I'm still sort of stuck in the PvE sense of valuing gear against each other, which makes my head spin with resi+power added in to the mix..

    Great post Meejum, exactly what I was looking for!

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