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    Use 3 healers let them kite with a tank or a range (hunter and WLs). kill 5 legs with all your dps then let 2 people kill legs rest on boss fulltime let tanks have one leg in front. You only have 16 legs throughout the whole fight killing them faster isnt a dmg increase might actually be a dmg loss since ranges have to run to them. 2 melees should have no problem killing the leg within 40sec till next leg spawns, we use the front right leg for tanks (looking at the boss) and only tanks. Use bloodlust after the first 5 legs are down an a healer is kitting.
    Shadowpriests should dot the leg when its below 20% and WLs if skilled affliction let him dot the leg with corruption to get soulshards. Then you should be fine just keep in mind running to a leg killing it and running back as a caster will make u lose dmg cause there will always be only 16 legs killing them faster is no dmg increase on the boss, if 2 people can handle them perfect if u need 3 try multidotting with one caster but doenst run near the leg.

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    We 3 Heal it. 2 Tanks. Kiters: 2 Tanks 2 Heals. The kiters always go outside even if the tank is not in the cleave of the boss. Our shadow usually jumps into the cleave if the kiting tank is not in range. You can ignore the foot behind left, because this one will always be hard to hit. Range DPS should only go for the legs if they are easy to reach, otherwise strictly nuke the body.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mad_Murdock View Post
    I'm guessing you must play a boomkin ? You know some people just don't take the game that serious right ? It's not like it pays the bills.
    Lol are you serious

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hrrom View Post
    Lol are you serious
    El oh el are you serious Bro ? Do you have an actual question or is "LOL" suppose to tell me everything ?

    I'm not arguing the Moonkin is under perfoming. But I wouldd argue the whole group is under performing. Is calling one person an "epic fail" really necessary when the whole group is failing ? If the whole group is under-performing, then everyone needs to up their game and no one has the right to throw stones at someone else.

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    The biggest problem I see is that your healing is not up to par on this fight. Although there are improvements to be made on the dps side, having people consistently dying because they are at low health before crushes or dying from pheremones is hurting you a lot more than any small things dps are doing wrong.


    - Tanks seem to be taking a lot of healing for this fight. Between self healing and active mitigation, our tanks hardly ever need more than passive healing or an occasional HoT. Your healers seem to be putting a lot of effort into healing your tanks which should not be necessary. Either the tanks need to step up their game and mitigate more damage or your healers just need to back off of them in favor of other targets.

    - I see a lot of deaths on kiters either directly from pheremones or from crushes while they are at low health. Since you lack a paladin to beacon the kiter at all times, you should consider picking one healer to assign to keeping the kiters topped off. It doesn't have to be a full time assignment, but that healer should try to always keep the kiter in range and be able to heal them when they take damage.

    - Dps should be focusing 1 leg at a time as they come up, and the rest of their time should be spent on the body. At a certain point, dps should all stop focusing the legs and just burn the body. We typically do legs until ~15%, then focus the body the rest of the way. Also, when he goes below 20% health, have the kiters swap 1 more time, then ignore swapping for the remainder of the fight to avoid any more crushes and maximize dps.

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