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    Best comp out of the following classes for 3v3 in 5.2

    Best comp out of the following classes for 3v3 in 5.2
    Player 1:DK, Hunter, Monk, Rogue, Warrior, Pala (Any Specs for all)
    Player 2: DK, Lock, Warrior.
    Player 3: Shaman, Druid (Any Specs)

    Looking for 1 or more different set ups that will be good for 5.2, any feedback appreciated.

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    Monk, DK and Resto Shaman perhaps?

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    deff not any warrior set up

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    We are going with Warrior/Druid/DK

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    Think I would go with windwalker monk, unholy Dk and either healer. Monk and dk should be able to put alot of pressure. Monks are already good at putting pressure on healers and with the changes this should even get better. With the changes to unholy on the gargoyle I think this setup will be pretty good.

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    With the changes of 5.2. I wouldn't leave rogue out of that.

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    in 5.2: rogue/monk, dk, shaman

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    Any thoughts on Lock, monk, Rshammy?

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    UnholyDK/AffliLock/RestoShaman. Shadowcleave is comming back, and its commin HARD.

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    I am going to be running Ww monk, Sub rogue, Disc priest. I like to call it RMP 2.0

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