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    Need new External Backup Drive

    I got OS, few art programs, and WoW/SC2 on the Samsung 128Gb SSD and everything else on the Seagate Barricuda 2TB HDD. Now my problem is, I can't backup to my current external anymore (Seagate 1TB External) due to size. So I would like to buy something bigger to last long OR possibly two externals to backup twice.

    what do u guys think? was either thinking of these solutions:
    1. Seagate Backup Plus 3TB usb3.0 External
    2. Rosewill Enclosure w/fan + any suggested 3TB HDD.
    3. or the Orico Dual-Bay Docking Station w/ possibly 2 new HDDs or 1.
    4. OR any other suggestions?
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    Probably just whatever size Western Digital Elements would be fine.
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    You need to think to yourself "Do I want RAID for date security?". I would go for a dual bay raid ready one just incase you want to.

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