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    not survived garalon hc enrage 22mil(with bargain reduction is 11mil over 8 sec) so ik after timer
    and survived was hc unseen strike 2.5mil over 8 sec 250k/1s for ticks used unending resolve+voidvalkers last stand+dark regeneration+hs over time heal

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    My first try on Spirit Kings hc.

    I thought KJC would suffice there, and I was roflstomped by the Flankers, as well as an annihilate. The resulting damage was 4.5M, or 2,25M / 8 seconds. I survived it by crying for rallying cry, Pain Supression and used every cd I had myself. It was a laugh, and a wipe a few %s after for other reasons.
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    Yesterday, I just survived a 2.25 M absorb, during our messy Spirit Kings kill yesterday.

    [22:33:44.357] Qiang l’Impitoyable Annihilation Kartov Absorb (2250000)

    Poped unending resolve on the dot part, chained with dark regen, used a healthstone, and didn't even need the voidreaver temp health.
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    Would Hand of Purity work on the DB DoT part?
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    Would Hand of Purity work on the DB DoT part?
    It does. Our holy pally uses it on me after I use DB for a spark soak on H Will.

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