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    This is a perfect answer.

    Resto druids can be very hot dependant so for heavy progress they will not be as good as disc priests for example due to the absorbs are more wanted than the healing. But that doesnt (in my eyes) change anything. Resto druids are great but depending on the situation. They are also great fun. What I personally also like about resto druids is that we are not really just raid healers. We can in fact also be great tank healers. Maybe not as ghood as paladins but that is not the point. We can really be great tank healers. Take will of the emperor heroic for example. I healed this fight with a holy priest, we also had a holy paladin but due to my nature's swiftness, hots and glyph of regrowth I actually had an easier time being the tank healer than what the holy paladin had. Yes I was the dedicated tank healer as a resto druid. And it was very fun.

    A resto druid healing style can change so much depending on the fight and that in my personal opinion makes resto druids so much more fun than any other healing class.
    I agree. That's what makes me love my Druid. We are really flexible in what we do, no we are not the best healer out there but I really don't know what the "we are the worst healers" fuss is all about. Unless you are in a top raiding guild where every single point on any states matters, resto Druids are perfectly fine for semi hardcore raids.

    To answer your question:

    1) I am not low on any meters at all. Me and our other shammy healers we are pretty much equal.

    2) well my guild heals with two Druids sometimes (just cos no other healers are online) and with that set up we clearered MSV normal and stone guard HC. Just really depends on the player and their skills. I'm not saying its easy to heal the entire raid with just resto Druid is smart, it's not, you lack burst and direct heals but its not impossible. Bring the player not the class.

    3) I think being a resto Druid is like being a DK tank. You have to really know what you are doing in order to be good at it. You can prob just pick up any other healers and be pretty descent at it without spending too much effort in reading up, testing your limits etc. ( no I'm not saying other healers are stupid just the difference between a good and bad resto Druid is way more obvious than a good and a bad shammy or pala healer ) that's in a way for me what mad resto Druids challenging and incredibly fun to play.

    I think don't listen to what people say about how resto Druids are weak and it's not worth rolling cos it's a waste of time and no one will ever raid with you. Cos it's just simply not true...we aren't weak, it's just a eclecitc and, in a way, complicated healing style that you have to adapt to.

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    Just an update after almost two years. I can honestly say, becoming a druid was the best WoW related decision I have ever made. I have enjoyed it thoroughly in all aspects.

    I am now a Resto / Feral druid and I have been rocking it for a while now

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