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    H Amber Shaper 10

    Hi, my guild was trying Amber Shaper heroic for the 1st time yesterday
    we had 3 healers, 5 dps and 2 tanks

    we were trying a strategy that consist to keep the 4th tank transformed into a construct in that construct the whole fight (eating Globules and keeping Stacks on the boss in p2) while the rest of the group was doing the fight as normal (ppl get Construct, attack and interupt the Monstruosity, we dps em and get em out)

    To make the job easier for the tank constructed, we were stacking adds in melee and kill em there. But with 3 healers, i think we terribly lack of dps on those adds due to the fact they heal each other when close to another. Tomorow we will try him again and i will assign 4 spots (around the place we tank the boss) to bring those adds and dps em so they don't heal each other while not behing too far away from tank constructed. hoo and btw, we have a ret and a rogue taunting Monstruosity 4 sec beforre he FLing so he trow a dps insteed of the reminaining tank.

    we have not seen P3 yet but i think its best to transition into p3 right after a scalpel, so we have new globules for the Constructed tank and the next reshaped person

    Anyone experienced this strategy? i would like advices or other strategy to do this boss on heroic 10

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    I investigated a lot of time the last days into this boss, but I haven't found a reasonable strategy for our group right now. We also tried the strategy you wrote, but if you wait for the 4th tank and you really have a lot of adds. We were also struggling with the pools running out.
    In the next raid I think we will give the burn in P1 phase a shot. If the burn works this seems the most trivial strategy to me.
    It works like this:
    P1: nobody does damage to the boss only the constructs keep generating stacks. Every construct eats 4 pools and stays inside the construct till the next player gets reshaped. Do this till the boss reaches slightly above 70%. Then wait till he casts that beam thing which also creates the adds. If he does that pop everything you have (BL, Pots, personal CDs) and nuke the boss down below at least 30%. This is possible because at that point the boss should have a shitload of stacks so you get a massive damage increase (like 600% or so).
    P2: Do it as you would do it on normal except that the construct each time eats all 4 pools. Of course you should always have somebody to interrupt and keep the debuff up. The big advantage is that you don't have to keep the stacks on the boss up
    P3: This should be pretty easy now because the boss is below 30%. Nuke him down kite the orbs and hopefully kill him.

    We will try this strategy the next time we will try him, because this seems to be the easiest strategy to execute if you can push the boss below 30% in P1 or even lower (watched a Video and they got him to 18%). You can also totally ignore the boss himself in P2 and don't have to worry about stacks

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    this is how we did it.
    and since im horrible to spell, i just link the vid, its not that hard to figure out what we did

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