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    BREAKFAST: 3 cups of tea.

    LUNCH: Who has time to EAT lunch? I drank 2 more cups of tea and 1 cup of coffee.

    DINNER: Plan on eating a Thai Chicken Salad with minimal dressing if any, and another cup of tea.

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    Toast for breakfast, pizza for lunch, KD mac & cheese for dinner. Pretty simple stuff for today.
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    some fishes and some cow steaks and some leaves, and some fruits and almond butter+cinnamon

    edit: forgot the eggses with peppers

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    Breakfast: Protein shake. Better than nothing. I usually load up on those Bolthouse Farms protein drinks and have those for breakfast.

    Lunch: One of those small $1.50 bags of potato chips and 20 oz bottle of Sprite from convenience store (I'm on the road a lot for my job). Sometimes I try to make a stop by Wendy's or something, but today it was the above mentioned convenience store stop.

    Supper: Angus burger combo from McDonald's. Supper varies a lot for me. I like to cook but didn't feel like it tonight, so McDonald's it was.

    Late night: Just finished off the last of my Kraken and Captain Black. Almost done with my cherry vodka. For some reason, I'm always running out of this stuff.....
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    Plain, long-brewed tea for breakfast. Cant eat straight from bed, just zero appetite, and somehow a mug of tea with no sugar or milk that would usually take like ass at any other part of the day is what I usuallly fancy after my morning shower.

    Also, meatlicious pizza from dominos. Two for Tuesday is WIN.

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    A large Pizza Hut pizza, chicken and extra cheese, and breadsticks with cheese.

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    Never eat anything for breakfast. Very rarely have any appetite for anything after I've just woken up. For lunch it's just a sandwich. This week, it's honey roast ham with mustard (the hot English best kind. Nom) on white bread. Dinner varies, tonight I'm making chicken fajitas, yesterday I had lasagna, the day before that was a pizza, and the day before that was a full roast chicken dinner.

    I like variety. :3

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    2 clementines for breakfast!

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    Breakfast, dont eat it, 2 glasses of water instead... never hungry in the morning only after a couple of hours

    Lunch, whatever i feel like, today was chilli that i cooked yesterday

    For dinner, im still undecided, think will make a risotto or a stirfry

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    I had vegan meatballs, potatoes, green pepper sauce and some lingonberry jam. Thank you and good day!

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    Taco for dinner, oyeah!

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    Leftover pizza from dinner last night.

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    Whohaaa...that is a pretty basic topic.

    three eggs with beans as an omelette for breakfast...chicken breast, legumes and veggies for lunch...6 beer and 3 shots of vodka while watching soccer (football for us europeans)

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    Left over pizza for breakfast, deer jerky for lunch and a grilled deer steak over a ceaser salad for dinner.

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    For breakfast I had two slices of bread with chicken liver paté, dinner was diced potatoes, onions and beef. For supper I'm eating a couple of slices of bread with bell peppers.
    During the week I usually skip breakfast or drink a small yoghurt (I'm not hungry at 6 am). We get free lunch where I currently work, which usually means eggs, cheese, bell peppers (<3) and milk. Dinner tends to be something chicken, if I skip on the proteins I usually get hungry again within a couple of hours. I don't eat pork, gave it up 10 years ago due to it making me ill.
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    The Ashpole?

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    Ham and cheese sandwich for lunch

    Chicken tenders for dinner (not very healthy but I was working the night shift at a ski resort so my dinner was whatever they were serving.)
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    Breakfast: A banana and a bowl of Cheerios (not Honey-Nut) w/ 1% milk.

    Lunch: 2 chili-cheese hot dogs.

    Dinner: A very small bowl of Spaghetti and a Nature Valley bar (quite an odd dinner).

    And ofc, I drank like 2.5L of water today.

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    whatevers in fridge at work.. i like to eat peoples lunches lol
    Well, that is not very nice.

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    Mexican food (Rolled tacos and a torta)
    Left over pizza
    Raw chicken flavored ramen
    Peanutbutter m&ms
    And lots of XXX Vitamin water...

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    I had a smoothie (rasberries, blueberries, cherries, black berries, bananas, strawberries, orange juice, mango&pineapple juice) with a carrot and walnut muffin for breakfast. For lunch I had a bowl of cream of mushroom soup and I just finished eating a grilled pork chop (slightly over an inch thick) that was marinated with olive oil, rosemary, sea salt, pepper and a little bit on onion powder with some roasted veggies (red potatoes, carrots, broccoli) tossed in olive oil, thyme, oregano, basil Tomorrow for dinner I'm making some breaded corn flake lemon pepper chicken drumsticks with a caesar salad with fresh parmesan, homemade bacon bits and a boatload of nonni's croutons! I always know what I'm making for dinner the next day, I just love cooking so damned much!!!
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