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    What Is the Best Solution?

    I'm a ilvl 490/488 resto/rdps player. My current 10man guild is a 2 day a week guild, not quite through HoF normal yet (on Empress), and I have to admit some frustration. I really enjoy the people in guild, and I really like the environment, but we seem to have to pug at least one on most raid nights and recently lost one of our best DPS. When looking through the forums, I notice many many players with gear approximate or worse than mine, and logs that seem in line with what I do, who are well into heroic modes. This may be because they're at it four days a week instead of two, but I can't help but think its because our raid team is just sub par.

    My question is, what's the best solution here? Is it time for me to move on and try and find something more progressive while risking the loss of the good environment that I have now, or is it better to stay, be patient and just continue to try and recruit and help where I can? I'm sure many have been in this situation before, and I'm eager to learn from your experiences.

    Also, as a sidenote - my server is terrible for PuG's. I've tried that and had almost no luck finding one, let alone keeping one together for more than half an hour.

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    we cant answer that. what do you value more, progress or your guild community?

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    It all depends what you value more, the enjoyment of raiding with people you like or downing bosses. Imo you can have both but it takes time to put that kind of group together. My group during the end of FL and throughout DS was fantastic, we destroyed stuff and had fun. Unfortunately about 2-3 of those ppl had to leave due to rl issues at the beginning and throughout MOP which changed the mood a bit. Buttttt,...if you have a RL that focuses on raiding attitudes as well as progression then you're in luck *cough* pointing to myself.*The difference between semi-hardcore and hardcore guilds is huge imo and being in a semi-hardcore guild I try and make sure we are all having fun, obviously when people derp repeatedly, shyt is gonna go down but being at 6/16hm with a 9 man roster for the past two months is decent lol. If you're interested in a progression guild that has fun pm me.

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    As mentioned before, in the end it is up to you: Progress or social. What do you value more?
    Nonetheless I can give you some of my experiences and maybe a good prospect. My guild is in roughly the same situation. We also only raid 2 days a week (6h per reset in total) but have downed more bosses than you, we are currently at 6/16h.
    The good thing is, when you killed Empress you should kill the next 3 bosses in terrace very quickly. When 1st entering terrace we killed everything up to Lei Shi in 2 hours. So I think when you can kill the Empress you are going to progress very quickly. And Progress = motivation and gear for your raiders. And it goes on.
    After killing Sha of fear you should easily kill the first 3 heroic bosses (stoneguard, Feng and Gara'jal). Which makes you now progressing heroic-modes
    I know it is often not easy to be in a low-end raiding guild and keeping the motivation high. But just kill Empress and you'll see how it goes on.
    So my advice is to stay in your guild, where you like the environment and try to push the last kills before heroic-modes.
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    Shaampoo is that you? Hahah sounds just like my brother.

    Our guild is in an almost identical spot. This week we lost one of our ranged dps, a good one at that. We too have been struggling to find decent pugs. Almost every week it feels like we carry and undergeared casual player that dies to almost all mechanics. The positive being we mostly pug dps. But in HOF pug'n after garalon is quite difficult, frustratin to say the least.

    My reccomendation is stay put. It's common to be where you are and if you enjoy your group that outweighs progression IMO.

    If this Shaampo I'm kicking you ass tonight lol

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    Thanks for the advice everyone, it's given me a lot to think about. I know it ultimately comes down to a progression v. social question... and I'm beginning to think that I shouldn't be satisfied with one, but search for both.

    That said, your experiences in deciding to stay places or move places is helpful. If anyone else wishes to comment, I welcome it.

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    I'm in the exact same spot as you (up to empress with only elite protectors down in ToES). If you enjoy your raiding experience I would suggest staying. While it can be frustrating to see others passing you by I would caution that the grass is always greener on the other side. This adage is so, so true when it comes to raid groups. Yes, you may be able to find a more progressed group willing to take you, but it is quite possible there may be things about the new group you don't like.

    Leaving your group is basically a crapshoot...you may get lucky but you may well find yourself just as unhappy, or unhappy in a different way. I am on my 3rd group since xferring off my old server at the very start of MoP. While I don't regret that decision I can say it has not been super easy. I have had no trouble finding groups that want me, but finding groups whose company I enjoy and whose effort/attendance/morale is near my own hasn't been easy. My current group is not perfect, but I am sticking with them now out of pure groupfinding fatigue.

    Also, it can be very hard to leave people who you are friends/friendly with...2/3 of the groups I left had people in them who I liked and respected. It felt horrible leaving them (would have stayed if either group was filled with people like that but sadly we were always pugging 1-2) and I still feel guilty when I think about it.

    In the end do what you must, but remember the risks involved...no new group will be the 'perfect' fit for you. Whether or not they are 'more perfect' than your current is the question...and you won't know until several weeks with a new team.
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