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    Tier 4 talent suggestion.

    With blood fear being nerfed to a somewhat pathetic state and the reasoning for this being that it's supposed to be defensive and widely used offensively. I got to thinking, why not just bring back Shadowflame+70% snare as a talent in it's place. Perhaps even have it root instead? Obviously it would just being the old animation and the snare and/or root effect, absolutely NO damage should be coming from this skill.

    Just a thought. /shrug

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    Shadowflame is still in the game, its just a dot tacked on to Hand of guldan. 30% per stack, adding up to 60% snare.

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    My bad, just rename the spell and keep the functionality. Call it 'Bindings of Xerrath' or whatever witty name they want. I would just enjoy a root spell on my warlock as a choice. Make it cost 5 - 10% health to line up with the rest of the tier.

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