Thread: Bigger upgrade?

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    Bigger upgrade?

    I have the Normal Mode Shin'ka, Execution of Dominion and Heroic Cloak of Peacock Feathers...

    with the possibilty of 5.2 being right around the corner, should I use VP to upgrade my heroic cloak first, or the normal mode weapon?

    Any input will be fantastic!

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    Weapon will be a much larger DPS increase. Also don't expect 5.2 for at least another month IMO.

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    weapon will always be the better upgrade as it is the only item that provides something more than just stats
    Haste only feels good to classes that truly benefit from it though. Can it be +Amp instead? Anything else really.
    "Classes that truly benefit from Haste" means... Everyone except Warriors. (And we're going to fix that.)

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    Are you killing heroic sha?

    If yes and you feel a drop near, you may want to wait (may), if not, you are not replacing your weapon until 5.2, when you will replace the cloak too, so... (also, a cloak is one of the items with less weigth when upgrading, just as rings, necks, etc)

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    Thanks for the help guys, no we are not killing Heroic Sha so I do not have a heroic weapon in my future. I upgraded the axe, is it true then that Trinkets should be the next pieces upgraded?

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    I have NM Lei Shen's and Relic of Xuen btw^

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    Weapons - Trinkets are best to upgrade yes.

    I would upgrade Relic as it is BiS

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    weapon is always highest priority to upgrade, given that you don't expect a better weapon soon... then trinkets.

    but the funny thing is, that normalmode 5.2 raid gives 522 itemlevel, so with 5.2 will pretty much negate most of the loot quite fast, even the upgraded ones. so don't upgrade your gear for 5.2, upgrade your gear for the content you are currently doing.

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    Awesome thanks guys!

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