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    Unknown lag issues

    Hi guys,

    I'm in need of some help.
    I'm running WoW on an Alienware M14x with 6gb of RAM, Nvidia GeForce 555M 3GB, Intel i7-2630 CPU.
    I am running quite some addons, usually at around 30 MB memory.

    Somehow I really started to lag lately, FPS dropping very low in raids, sometimes as low as 4.
    I never really had any problems and I was wondering if you guys have a clue.


    EDIT: checkign Task manager, shows CPU usage at around 60% and memory usage at around 60% aswell
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    Hi there,

    I don't really know why it has started to lag as of lately, when my computer starts having issues. I usually run CCleaner and Defraggler and it helps a lot. If that still doesn't work, I just reformat. In addition, I use Game Booster 3.5 beta (i don't like the razr game booster) and this helps SOOO much especially for WoW. It disables unneeded services and programs when you're playing games in order to boost frame rates. Just an idea.



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