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    Very very weird behavior of my USB 2.0 and 3.0 port


    Check this out. I bought an ICY BOX USB 3.0 hub for PCIE. This one here...

    I correctly installed it, plugged in the electricity, installed the software, restarted my PC and tried to use it. It worked for a few seconds, my USB3.0 stick froze and since then the hub stopped working. No USB3.0, nor a USB2.0 will work. The USB's light flashes for a second and then goes out, like it's not being powered.

    Now, I have also a front USB panel with USB2.0 (!!). If I plug my USB3.0 into the front panel it suddenly supports full USB3.0 speed!! Wtf?

    I checked it out by myself and manually stopped the time to see how long it takes for 700mb to transfer. Result: USB2.0 stick = 2 minutes, USB3.0 stick = 39 seconds. It's no fake.

    How the hell does this even work? Why is my front panel suddenly working like a USB3.0 hub? And, most importantly, why is my ICY BOX not working at all?

    Win7 Ultimate 64bit
    ASUS P6T Deluxe V2 Mainboard.

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