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    Warlock PoV PVP Stream <SNIP>

    Hey guys.
    In case any of you would be intrested to see some gameplay from a Warlock PoV, there is a new streamer named Weepi, most of the content in the stream is PvP (2.5k-2.6k RBGS , 2.2k arenas 3s/5s), in addition there might be some PvE and random content aswell.

    Streaming time can be during all hours of the day, but mostly at the evenings.

    You can visit the link below to visit the stream:


    Ty for your time.
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    We have a sticky for advertising streams. There's not any PvP streams in there so we'd be delighted to put you in there. Just read the first post for rules and such. http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...arlock-Streams

    I have snipped the name of the stream, in both title and post cause we don't allow advertising outside the sticky. Please keep it this way.

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