Hey there,

i represent a newly migrated/formed 10man guild on Stromscale (Horde)

Most of us come from Project Apo, an ex raiding guild on chamber of aspects and which finished at 12/16 HC before the Xmas break which sadly killed the guild.

We raid 3 days a week, from 19:30 - 23:00 server time. The raid days are Wed, Sun and Mon.

However in 5.2 I'm looking to up this to 4/5 days a week to ensure we achieve server first and top 300 ranking

We have always believed that 3 and a half hours of focus and determination will provide the same (if not better) results than banging your head against a wall for 6 hours a night. We employ the same rules and structure as a Hardcore guild, just without the time requirement each night.

Within 3 weeks of being setup we have achieved 12/16HC, with attempts going good on empress

On off days we will be running pvp/RBG's as around half of us (not me as i suck at pvp) as Glads from previous seasons.....this being one of the main reasons for moving to stormscale. So if your interested in that let us know.

So what do we need?

All classes - looking to acquire the best of the best in time for 5.2. You need to be above the average player, be able to handle all kinds of different jobs in a raid while still providing expectional dps/hps/tank awareness. You will also need to constantly prove you are worth a raid spot as raid spots are done on past performance + optimal raid setup for encounter

if your looking for a raid with high experience and who plan to push for server first and a top 200 world minimum finish then apply here

Current HC exp is a huge boost however if you have past experience at the top level and can prove to us that you are the type of player despite your current experience then i will consider it. we will always take the player over the gear

If you would like more info or to get in contact with me add me on cMaxwell89#2854