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    Potential 3v3 teams for 5.2

    I recently made a late arena push 3's with my pve raiding buddies as Arms (me)/ Affliction / Resto Druid, and we managed to hit 1750 together for the first time, very exciting for us. But from what I understand, my class is getting some nerfs next season, and that rage cost on Overpower is pretty annoying but whatever.

    My question to you is if we can push this team to 2k next season (friends are focusing solely pve atm). And I also have another question. I also have a geared Elemental and my Warlock has a geared WW Monk too (heard good things about em). Would Elemental / WW / Resto D or Arms / WW / Resto D be a viable 2k reach, and potentially 2.2k? We really work well together as teammates and we are all confident about our skill, so I think we can figure out how to support each other. Could Elemental / Affliction / Resto D work too? Let me know what you guys think, what problems and benefits these proposed teams could experience.

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    Every DK Cleave will be a top tier comp.
    DK/Hunter/Paladin #1 comp.

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    Elemental/Afflic/Rdruid could work rather well, especially as Sym on the Elemental gives you comp Solar Beam, and your resto can spec into Ursol's Vortex to make use of that. The downside is that your Elemental is probably going to get trained to hell just as they are this patch (even though Elemental gains an extra survival CD in 5.2) and resto druid healing took a heavy hit (displacer beast nerf albeit needed didn't help their cause much either).

    WWs are pretty damn strong on the PTR right now, not 100% sure they'll stay that strong but we can assume they'll be much better than they're currently on live at any rate, so a melee cleave with Warrior/WW could prove decent as WW has high mobility and great CC (blanket silences, leg sweep, paralysis).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Theed View Post
    Every DK Cleave will be a top tier comp.
    DK/Hunter/Paladin #1 comp.
    Yeah, that's going to be killer.

    Honestly, it'll probably be scarier than KFC is now.

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    Shadowcleave, alternatively with a Holy Paladin for cleave immunity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Theed View Post
    Every DK Cleave will be a top tier comp.
    DK/Hunter/Paladin #1 comp.
    Quite honestly I think Shadowcleave will be better, Hunters are too vulnerable to consistent spell damage. Without immediate pressure they will fall behind extremely easily and with the amount of defensive CD's Shadowcleaves have they will definitely survive the openers, assuming they're top players of course.
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    Rogue/WW Monk/ MW Monk

    Aoe stealth, double paralysis one 1 enemy, sap on the other and train third. Mw monks going to do decent damage. One or both of them trinks? Another paralysis and blind are rdy.

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    We're also pondering our comp for 3v3. At the moment it looks like Rogue/DK/Hpally, any thoughts? Hpally has to be our healer, dps alternates would be Warlock instead of Rogue, and WW monk instead of the DK.

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    Dang, I'll have to level my DK now xD

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    Are DK's going to be that strong? My team was thinking of doing Unholy/Rogue/Hpal, but we weren't sure that would be the best of what we have. I've read that all 3 are going to be insane, me being the HPal(they will still rock just as much), but this is what we have.
    Player 1: DK, Priest, Sham
    Player 2: Rogue, Hpal
    Player 3: Monk, Hpal, Druid, Lock

    So we were thinking Rogue/DK/Hpal or Lock/DK/Hpal.
    Are DK teams going to be so strong? And which do you guys think will be better?

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    WW Monk, Unholy, Druid

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