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    Best racial pvp

    Which race is best on horde side for hunter? Mostly going to play BM 2s/rbg.

    Thinking orc for pet dmg + stun red.

    What do you guys think?

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    Orc, hands down.

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    Orc all the way. Extra pet damage and burst CD along with reduced stun duration are too good. Orcs are 100% the best choice.

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    I miss the 1% extra crit on bows for trolls.
    "Druid must be boss, Hunter is just Drain-monkey.

    Hunter scatter this rogue.
    Hunter drain that priest.
    Hunter where is frost trap. Bad Hunter! No banana!
    Hunter where is flare? No flare, you get replaced by retarded warrior!"


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    Should go alliance and play human, best pvp racial in the game.

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