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    The fight is a complete joke before last phase, and even then , just play with improved feint(? w/e its called) / leeching poison dont see any reason to take cheat death, and also , there is no reason to NOT switch to MC`d players , I was kinda like you aswell , but then I noticed people were slacking and did not break them off before the attenuation wich caused random deaths // Also , use pots normally - prepot + during lust (wich should be last phase start again - not sure what ur doing but in 10man we just nuke the boss and ignore the echo in a corner) - after lust ends boss should be at around 10-15%? from there on you just gotta play it safe and dont die to stupid shit.
    glhf [also , drop your smokebomb/blind before MC`s come , not sure how this will apply when smokebomb will be a raid cd but meh]

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    Speaking of which, has anyone tried Smoke Bombing on someone being Exhaled? Does that break it?

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    I'm confused why someone would fight switching to the MCs so adamantly. We generally end up completely stopping DPS on the third platform anyway, in order to wait for an exhale to push into the next phase so we can burn the boss down a bit more before the last phase. Also, rogues have a wide range of stuns/interrupts, and CCing the MCed people is one of the more important aspects of that mechanic. If only to make sure the MCed person doesnt blow all their cooldowns.

    Like some other people said, once the third platform happens, start blowing your blind/smokebomb abilities when they are off CD, and also do it after the first attenuation in the last phase.

    If there was one aspect of the fight I'd want to argue my way out of, it is being the person in the last phase who has to stay out of the bubble Keeping up feint and dodging all the orbs while trying to DPS is entertaining though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gande View Post
    Dealing with the final phase transition. (Hopefully it links right, its 6 minutes into the video is when the phase change happens)

    It'll always be the same pattern, sometimes skipping the MC, but usually not.

    After that first MC he won't cast it anymore. You might not want to poison the MCs but the fact is they'll blow people up, and more often than not its a healer. They'll also slow, making it hard to avoid the rings.
    Thx, we just got our first 25hc kill on this by using your tac on video<3

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