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    Get rdy for some rage rogues!

    Was dueling on the ptr a bit some people really got mad when i beat them. I mean really mad.

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    nothing new to me rogue being hated since day 1
    the ultimate answer's to all rogue issues :

    -Rogues might still be dealing with the changes to combo points {2014}

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    Do that thing from vanilla/BC when cloak of shadows was released. It was:

    "sorry rogues aren't free hks anymore"

    Just like that. We had like 8 pages of rogues saying that to caster tears because we wouldn't die to a corruption dot all by itself any more.

    I hope we are OP for a bit. Lot of ground to catch up on.

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    Rogues are the most hated class in the game and it has been that way since the early days. I actually like that side of it even at the start of MoP when we were really weak we could really frustrate people if you played smart and they would rage which gives any stereotypical rogue great joy. From time to time you will have to remind people not to hate the player, Hate the game
    The great Friedrich Nietzsche once said, Shit happens deal with it.

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    I'm going to go ahead and close this. People getting mad in PvP about being beaten is nothing new, isn't class specific, but is likely to blow up a storm if we start discussing it without real purpose. Rather than weed through the potential infractions from non-rogue posters and rogue responses, let's just stop this here.

    If you're interested in discussing the general state of 5.2 PvP rogues try http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...-Rogue-5-2-PVP unless you've got a really niche question.

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