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    I'm glad I came across this thread. We two heal everything in MV 10 with me (rdruid ) and a pally. We work great together, then we go into the guilds 25 mans and I'm slapped into bottom below the 2 priest and the paladins. How are shamans doing compared to Druids?

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    simple if you all want to be happy and kill bosses faster make the disc to do more damage and keep smiting the boss this will add to your group dps and make your overhealing less (hopefully) and will also balance numbers among healers. I think alot of people forget that one of the suppose roles of disc priest is to smite and do damage and when you move to heroic content and you are missing valuable dps all healers might need to help in that (you can use your heart of wild instead of nature vigil). Anyway dont worry to much with 3 healers disc (in most of the fights) should be above you but you should also be above hpala in some fights. To be honest in 10man the difference should't be 20k unless the raid is doing something terribly wrong but on the other hand more damage on raid means more helpful your hots and aoe healing is.

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    If your healing on any particular fight is low - switch to balance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Irzerg View Post
    Disc and Holy Pally is a facepalm for R-druid, however, see if the Disc is oom at the end of the fight. If he is, what it means is that he's may be trying to pad meter.

    It's like what most Disc would do in LFR, Oom in the 1st minute or 2 to look good on meter, but actually they are such a bad.

    If i were you, don't get beat up by it cause that combo is just a killer for R-druid. May be try to spec SOTF to see how it works out. Works wonders in H-will and H-Garalon/or norm Gara if you are progressing thru that.

    ^ Pretty much this

    Try two healing one night, with just the disc and pally. Watch see how things go. While you may have heavy overheal (a given for a hot based class) you may be doing actually more worthwhile healing than the other two. I know when I'd 3 heal in a 10 man as resto for 2 heal fights I'd throw mana to the wind because you can, and it's dull sitting around doing nothing. That being said, the way I'd heal in those kind of situations was plainly bad healing and not something I'd be able to do (or even attempt, healing well in a proper raid comp is far more fun than trying to win meters) when bringing a proper comp to the fights.
    So yeah, try switching to boom or feral one night, and just see how the priest and pally handle the raid. If there are no problems, then you don't need to be there as a healer in this tier of content. Rejoice and pick up a set of gear for an off spec and pewpew away. If they struggle then the issue isn't you, it's that they are padding meters and relying on you to actually pick up their slack.

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