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    [H] Disturbed - 25m MoP Recruitment


    Server: Zul'Jin - Horde

    Raid System: 25 Player

    Now open recruitment for Mists of Pandoria.

    Loot System: Loot Council


    Raid Schedule

    Tuesday - Thursday

    8:00 PM - 12:00 AM EST - Guild Progression

    Our Zul'jin Progression is as follows:

    4/6 MV Heroic
    1/6 HoF Heroic
    4/4 Terrace

    Previous Progression:
    8/8 Dragon Soul Heroic 25
    6/7 Firelands Heroic 25 - 7/7 H 10m

    [ul][li]Excellent raid awareness, and the ability to learn from mistakes without repeated coaching. [/li][li]Solid raiding experience throughout WotLK and Cata as well as any relevant MoP experience, including time relevant kills on heroic mode.[/li][li]Ability to use and check the forums everyday. [/li][li]Great attitude and respect for fellow guildmates. [/li][li]The ability to make a joke, the ability to take a joke. [/li][li]Ventrilo and ideally a Microphone exceptions can be made for mutes.[/li][/ul]

    Current Needs
    All exceptional classes and specs are currently being considered with a current priority on finding a couple of great healers to join our ranks

    Feel free talk to any of the officers in game via letter or if we're on, by all means toss us a tell - we get it all the time, or on our website posted below, 91% of the people in the guild are friendly and would be more then happy to answer or direct your question to me or an officer.

    Gm - Telion

    Recruitment Officer - Treeka

    Officers - Treeka, Czenn

    wearedisturbed dot c/om
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    Free Shipping on every app... er... i mean hi

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    Oh hi

    Favorite raid foods? Pickles and cod liver oil.

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    Just as an update we are also now looking for healers, preferably druids and paladins

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    Looking for some good healer apps <3

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    Are you a healer?

    Apply at disturbed.. mainly looking for non resto shaman non priests but will consider any great healer.

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    sump pump bump.

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    bump! bump bump!

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    Looking for some exceptional apps of all kinds.

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    Garalon down - looking for a hunter or two and a strong DK dps.

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    Windlord Down - looking for some great DPS apps for our beginning to push heroic encounters.

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    Heroic Stone Dogs Down... Looking for DPS and Healer Apps

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    Looking for a healer or two (hopefully with a strong offspec they enjoy playing) as well as accepting all exceptional DPS as we progress into more heroics

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    more healer and dps apps plz

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    Big focus on the need for some healer apps - if you're a healer you should apply at our website <3

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    Grand Empress down ...looking for healer apps.

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    looking for strong dps and healer apps as well as an offtank (3rd tank) with strong dps spec (would love a DK for this)

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    Current Needs: high dps'ers who are great with their raid awareness - we still want a windwalker and we're still wanting more healer apps to review.

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    terrace cleared on to H Feng next

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    currently looking for ranged apps

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