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    Arms Warrior PVP Arena Guide 5.1

    Hi guys people been saying regarding talenst etc for pvp in patch 5.1 I know its close to end of patch but hope this helps people that been looking for the info they need.

    Hope you enjoy.

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    Thanks in Advance



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    I've also written a guide for Arms Warrior, hope you guys enjoy

    1. Pop Swifty Macro
    2. Charge
    3. Smash face on keyboard
    4. Get glad

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    lol nice one. only if it was as simple as that.

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    Too bad smashing keyboards will be the main nuance of the next warr season cuz them nerfs are deep and unlubbed

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    Warrior guide - stunstunstunstunstunstun LOLIMAROGUE
    1) Load the amount of weight I would deadlift onto the bench
    2) Unrack
    3) Crank out 15 reps
    4) Be ashamed of constantly skipping leg day

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