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    Heroic Wind lord help (10)

    My guild is currently 6/6 hc msv and 2/6 hc hof with blade lord and garalon killed. We are having more trouble on wind lord than we expected as most guilds say its really simple.

    We are having trouble with dispels on the quickening here is our current raid comp;

    Tanks -
    2x blood dk

    DPS -
    1 affliction lock
    1 boomkin
    1 ww monk
    1 fury war
    1 feral druid

    Healers -
    1 disc priest [me]
    2 x resto shamans

    Currently I as the disc priest am using mass dispel on the first set and boomkin mass dispels the second then on the third I am tabbing and using dispel magic while prioritizing the blademasters and the boss and then mass dispelling the next set. But here is the problem I am spending so much time dispelling that the other healers are having a hard time keeping the 1 tank alive until i get all the individual dispels off.

    To answer a few questions you might have, I am spirit shelling every single rain of blades using my shield as often as poss on the tank and using pom and getting as many heals off as i can outside of dispelling. The best try we had was the boss on 30% once the menders re spawn the second time the two shamans just cant keep the tank alive without me healing too and I have to start dispelling constantly once again.

    Just to note were ccing all the amber trappers and burning the menders -> lusting recklessness -> finishing blademasters -> recklessness nuke -> menders respawn burning them [their at about 50% when blademasters spawn -> wipe.

    Any help or differant strategy preferably without changing our raid comp would be really appreciated.

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    I wouldn't waste time dispelling all of the individual Quickenings as a Disc priest. One of the resto shamans can tab purge through them, and even glyph purge to take 2 stacks off. The DK tank on the boss can also dispel the boss with glyph of icy touch. The menders don't really need to even be dispelled outside of a mass dispel here and there, so that just leaves 3 targets (blademasters) for your resto shaman to purge.

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    This fight is completely 2 healable if people in the raid aren't taking any extra damage they shouldn't be (ie. Whirling Blades). This means that you should be able to try and focus on landing mass dispels off, at the cost of not healing. In end, not having any stacks on the boss or any adds will make it even better on the other 2 healers and your self.

    As for the DK using icy touch to dispel, I wouldn't advise that if the tank dying is the problem, spending runes and globals on IT hurt his survivability and mitigation enough to not be worth it. Just focus on getting dispels as the priest, if that is what is causing you to wipe.

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    We are using 1 tank but still you should do
    1. Disc mass dispell
    2. Boomkin md
    3. Disc mass dispell
    4. resto shaman with purge glyph
    5. disc MD
    after that they should be down, if you are using two tanks keeping them alive should never be a problem with two rschaman and a disc.

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    Don't waste your time/mana single target dispelling, unless you see one at 3-4 stacks. Shaman w/ purge glyph will help

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    One more question is it possible to cc 1-2 menders and just kill amber trappers first I feel as though if we chain 3 reckless phases one after another we could kill him in that time and on normal we have really good communication when breaking out traps

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    The amber trappers will come back throughout the second reckless phase, and when they are active you will loose alot of dps on the boss. if you have cd on Mass dispell let shamans dispell boss and blademasters when they have more than 2 stacks

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    I'm our guilds dispeller, this is what I do. MD first set, single dispel only on blademasters/boss. Don't bother dispelling the menders, you don't need to. You shouldn't need to Spirit Shell the Rain of Blades either. It really doesn't do much damage on Heroic. I usually just pop cascade and if someone gets low I shield them. Basically, I just PW:S on CD the tank, PW:S the strike target, dispel spam/MD when I need to and Cascade with some spot heals the AoE. Usually the only reason Rain hurts is Swiftness of the boss.

    I really don't know what else to say. Is your tank doing things correctly? Tank damage never seems high in our kills, except like with Blademasters up + Reck on boss, but then 600% smites laugh at that damage... Also, is your tank taking whirling blades on accident (someone standing behind tank?) Whirling blade HURTS on heroic. Also, why two tanks? Just one tank it like normal mode. I know you're complaining about tank deaths, but I don't see a need for 2 tanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Law View Post
    One more question is it possible to cc 1-2 menders and just kill amber trappers first I feel as though if we chain 3 reckless phases one after another we could kill him in that time and on normal we have really good communication when breaking out traps
    there are lots of ways to handle the adds on heroic. The way you mentioned is how we got our first kill (I believe) and a pretty common tactic, Just make sure the people who interrupt menders are dependable AND dispellers who aren't going to forget to dispel because boss has uber awesome 600% DI that'll make their dps awesome!!
    Since then, we just cc 3 ambers and kill the menders > blade lords > menders.

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    We killed it with 2 tanks and 1 priest, you shouldn't be tab dispelling all of them - some other people should deal with it.

    If you can, take 2 priests and it trivializes it, otherwise - everyone who can dispel needs to be doing so, not leaving it up to one person to clean up for them.

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    Singletank it. I have written a little explanation of how I tanked it in our firstkill in a different thread on MMO: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...1#post20001170

    Blood Tap + Death Siphon mandatory, use cooldowns when 2 packs are up (CC all Ambertrappers for 100% of the fight), use Vampiric Blood / Bone Shield / hold one Death Strike for when the Blademasters return from their Korthik Strike, because they have a synced swing timer (worst case: 3x full hit in the same ms) You might get lucky with Avoidance (in theory, the chance of avoiding one of the 3 hits is quite high, but if not you need to be able to take those 3 hits. And count in another hit from Mel'jarak and 1-3 hits from the 2nd add pack, so in general having Stamina trinkets, Stamina flask + stamina food, is quite helpful here...

    [23:36:55.761] Kor'thik Elite Blademaster hits Rhápsody 58073
    [23:36:55.761] Kor'thik Elite Blademaster hits Rhápsody 58094
    [23:36:55.761] Kor'thik Elite Blademaster hits Rhápsody 60201
    EDIT: I always had a cooldown on me for the "burst" after the Kor'thik Strikes: VB, BS, DRW or externals
    What doesn't kill me gives me Vengeance.

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    Our priest just mass dispels on cooldown when there are menders out and we 3 heal the fight. When he's not dispelling he just smites. Thats all he does literally besides throw a PW:S out on the Kor'thik strike target.

    Blood DK are exceptional at tanking this fight. As others have said, you should switch to one tanking. Massive blood shields on this fight, very little tank healing necessary, and (as another poster said) smite healing will cover the occasional damage spike usually (if not you have 2 other healers waiting)

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