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    Need tips on resto sham pvp

    Hi, I'm a relatively new to the healing scene in pvp arenas for my resto shaman, and I'm looking for some help on the following problems. I seem to blow through my mana quite a lot faster than opposing healers in 2's and 3's games. I tend to use riptide on cooldown and normally throw in a healing surge in between, I don't often find time for more. I'm slowly remembering to use healing stream totem a bit more. I keep mana shield on me if noone is hitting me. When should I use healing wave, because that seems to me a very efficient heal. I don't think I ever use GHW, should I?

    One thing to note is that my gear consists primarily of elemental gear, because that's what I geared first. Does the spirit make such a huge difference? I tend to use mana tide at 66% but I tend to be oom before it comes off cooldown. This is all I can think of for now, if there's any other way to better maintain my mana let me know, this costs me a lot of games if I don't manage a drink.

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    Well u need more spirit thats in ele gear. I myself stack spirit and resi, so i can spam healing surges more. And you should mana tide at like 80% cause they have nerfed it, it doesnt give much mana anymore.

    I myself oom only when i Purge too much that drains mana.

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    Elemental gear is bad and yes you need a lot of spirit. You should get resto gear as soon as possible and personally I reforged every single last bit of haste that I could into even more spirit that was over the cap.

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