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    Sha of Fear HC. Find the middle of the room.

    Hi, for us it took always 2-3 trys to find the middle of the room. But we never get it exact.

    Is there any trick at Sha of Fear Hc to find easy the middlepoint of the room to get the same way for all adds?

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    The only precise way to do it is when you pop P2 the first time to keep going until waves of 3 start coming, then you can easily sort the "stack" position for your initial Champion.

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    You can also use the minimap to somewhat judge the middle of the room.

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    Yeah the minimap does a pretty good job of highlighting the middle of the room you just need to sort of guess where the exact middle is from the given circle. You can use your own minimap icon to figure this out though. Its still not the end of the world if you don't get the dead center of the room.

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    yea appear in the middle of the room when you enter p2 just mark it right away

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