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    Heroic Boss Kill Order by Percentage

    Seen a bunch of people asking for "which boss next," so here is the Official full list of bosses, Easy to Hard, based on the % of kills to the % of wipes from the global data. Notes: 1) this is 10man heroic mode. 2) Low # of attempts and elite guilds who have been farming for weeks makes a few of the %s scewed, protectors hardmode being the only one that is severely affected.
    (25% means people kill them 1 out of 4 attempts on average.)

    1. Garalon - 35% (WoL does not record attempts that don't break carapace as Heroic)
    2. Amber Shaper Unsok - 28% (WoL is also buggy here, don't trust these two)
    3. Feng - 25%
    4. Stone Guard- 22%
    5. Garajal - 22%
    6. Protectors Hardmode - 21% (only 95 recorded kills)
    7. Elegon - 16%
    8. Wind Lord MelJarak - 13%
    9. Blade Lord Tayak - 11%
    10. Spirit Kings - 10%
    11. Will of the Emperor - 8%
    12. Imperial Vizier Zorlok - 6%
    13. Grand Empress ShekZeer - 5%
    14. Tsulong - 4.7%
    15. Lei Shi - 4.6%
    16. Sha of Fear - 4.1%
    17. Protectors Normal - 4.0%

    Edit: So a lot of people are saying this is wrong without offering reasons why. The traditional approach is looking at the # of kills, or # of guilds that have killed boss XYZ. That is not ease of killing; if 1000 guilds attempt a boss that they can kill after 2 attempts, there will be 500 guilds that have killed it. If all 40,000 raiding guilds attempt a boss that you can kill after 50 wipes (a much more difficult encounter), then 800 guilds will have killed it. The harder boss will appear above the easier boss on a list of # of kills, and well-intentioned raid teams will waste time wiping. Also, please do not go solely off the above list. For your guild, consider whether group coordination, high dps, or awesome healing is your strong suit and use this list in conjunction with fight research to determine your "best approach." For the most part though, this list is has statistically significant data and can be trusted. Source
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    This sounds completely off from my perspective.

    Two cock block bosses are 1 and 2 respectively.

    And easy is a loose term, easy for who, everyone? the raid leader? the tanks?

    I wouldn't even say there is an official order, the only order is the order that blizzard made, MV, HoF, ToES.

    Difficulty changes between 10/25 too also make this wrong.

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    sorry, this ranking is BS.

    amber shaper hc easier than feng hc and stone guard hc?

    protectors hc elite easier than elegon hc?
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    Yeah this looks completely wrong.
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    I feel bad if you spent any significant amount of time putting these numbers together, because they're just not even remotely accurate to what most people find difficult and/or easy.

    I respect the effort but you cannot have an "official" list for something like this...especially when you're coming out with data like this that's just not even close to accurate.

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    Not even remotely close to accurate. Lei Shi 3rd hardest? Protectors harder than Sha? Garalon easier than blade lord?

    Hopefully nobody actually thinks this is correct.

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    OP, do you even raid heroics?

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    This list is dogpoop. My favorite part is Protectors hardmode is easier than Protectors normal mode!

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    Comparing % of kills to % of wipes isn't going to tell you which boss is the easiest, or which is easier than which....

    It would be smarter to just look at the total number of kills on each boss as an indicator.... and you would get less skewed results and its like 9000 times simpler.

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    Errrrr....what is this mess? You might as well have put all the bosses this teir into a random order generator and posted them here. This shows absolutely nothing and is actually so far from the truth I don't even know what to say...

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    You yourself only have up to H Garajal killed. Your list is wrong, and you're wrong.

    Edit: I read your post a 2nd time. Again, absolutely wrong. 25% doesn't mean 1 in 4 attempts kills a boss, it means 25% of guilds that are being monitored have killed it.

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    I dont know if i am getting this right, but doesnt this statistic just show you which boss has the most rekill potential? Cause garalon and amberformer on heroic take alot of trys to first kill them but once everybody gets it (managing kiting and legdps or transformations) they are pretty easy . Would also explain why Spiritkings, WotE and both HoF-Lords are so far behing cause they are easy to fuck up (windbomb, windstep hitting to many, WotE also has alot of potential to wipe your raid too)
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    Probably because all the bad guilds are still wiping on normal modes and the easy heroics.

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    Should probably change the title to "Unofficial Heroic Boss Kill Order - Randomly Generated Version"

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    What is this... I don't even....
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    Statistics aren't always true, but I'm honestly surprised that you can manage to butcher them to this extent, well played.

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    Wouldn't it have been more accurate to rank bosses based on number of guilds that have cleared the encounter?

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    Obviously not, the result might've been slightly accurate then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asmodejjj View Post
    You yourself only have up to H Garajal killed. Your list is wrong, and you're wrong.

    Maybe thats the reason why he only has 3hcs,cause now they are trying Ambershaper

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    You're interpreting these numbers completely wrong. Stone guard is generally the first heroic fight that anyone is going to try, thus the wipes are going to be higher. Very large number of guilds pulling it that don't know what they're doing. Protectors HM is different because only 16/16H guilds (in most cases) are going for this fight on Heroic Elite, and from what I've heard it's not much harder than regular Heroic Protectors. I could keep going on, but you get where I'm going with this.

    Garalon - 35%
    Amber Shaper Unsok - 28%
    Feng - 25%
    Stone Guard- 22%
    Garajal - 22%
    Protectors Hardmode - 21%
    Elegon - 16%
    Wind Lord MelJarak - 13%
    Blade Lord Tayak - 11%
    Spirit Kings - 10%
    Will of the Emperor - 8%
    Imperial Vizier Zorlok - 6%
    Grand Empress ShekZeer - 5%
    Tsulong - 4.7%
    Lei Shi - 4.6%
    Sha of Fear - 4.1%
    Protectors Normal - 4.0%

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