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    Angry quick question about gear.

    Hi guys!
    I have a problem with my gear and i dont know what to choose.
    i have 4pieces of tier(1 496 and 3 483ilvl).
    Head 483
    Shoulder 483
    Chest 483
    Hands 496
    I also have head 496(not tier)
    chest 496(from LW)
    Shoulders 489 not tier from drop.
    What should i wear to maximize my healing.I am playing a resto druid.
    Should i drop the tier 4pcs bonus or not???
    i dont know what to do...
    Thnks in advance for ur answers.

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    I would say it depends on a couple of things. Are you using ToL (Incarnation) or SotF talent? If using SotF, 4 set is great to maximise up time on the boosted wild growth. If you're just using tree, probably keep 2 set and replace the head and shoulders with the 496 pieces. Assuming you have the 496 helm and chest from bladelord and garalon? Or is it the crafted chest? If you can maintain a decent spirit level and keep your haste break point, then more int is always good from the higher ilvl pieces.
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    If you are keeping Swiftmend on CD use it.
    If you rarely use swiftmend go with the other pieces.

    The lower cd on Swiftmend will give you more swiftmends over the fight which means more effloresence healing.
    So if you are good at keeping Swiftmend on CD keep the 4set. The amount of extra stats given by a 13 Ilvl higher item wont make up for the loss in output you get from 4set.
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    Yes i try to keep swiftmend on CDS...In simulationcraft i tried with both choices...
    With the 4 tier14 pieces i have 1-1.2k healing less but i think i ll go for the 4pieces cause of smaller cd at swiftmend.
    Any other opinion???

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