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    Looking for a 360 controller with a Playstation analog stick layout.

    Anyone out there happen to have, or know of a controller that has symmetrical analog (Playstation styled sticks) that is Xbox 360 compatible? (Wireless or Wired, doesn't really matter that much to me.)

    Having a rather difficult time finding one, but perhaps the word phrasing in google is something I'm doing wrong.

    Finding plenty of third-party controllers, but nothing with the analog sticks next to each other. Always the basic Xbox 360 layout.

    To mean, the xbox layout is unnatural, and very uncomfortable. Difficult to play for hours at a time with, whereas with the Playstation controller,s I've been able to use none stop without fingers getting cramped or uncomfortable.

    I'm aware of a converter that will allow PS2/PS3 controllers to work for the 360, not what I'm looking for.

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    You can interchange the directional pad to a analog stick which should accomplish that
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    Google "Scuf gaming", I have the most basic one and I freaking love it.

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