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    Tips for Heroic Will 25M?

    My guild's been stuck on Heroic Will for about 2 weeks now and I'm just looking for tips on what I can do as a lock. I've watched Evrelia's guide and know the general idea. However, recently I've been asked to soak all the Courage sparks, so I have to take GoSac for Bulwark+UR to soak the second, using just DB for the first.

    We're doing 8 Rages at a time so I'm wondering if I shouldn't be Aff. Between Destro and Demo, I'm not sure which would be better for cleaving the 8 rages, HoG+HF/Immo Aura+HL, or F&B Immo/Conflag+RoF? Courages have also been a problem unfortunately, going down slowly, not sure what to do there. Not confident about going Demo because of having to use GoSac though.


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    You definitely want to be Affliction, hands down, this fight was made for Affliction.

    For that many Rages I would throw out a SB:SoC and then spam SB:SS. This entire fight is basically a SB:SS spam fest for Affliction which is why Everlia recommended using GrimSup with the Imp due to the lack up MG uptime, however I kept GrimSac because my job in our raid was solo nuking the Courage. Plus our Guild is a 10 man so there are less adds, and thus less time spamming SB:SS.

    Personally in my guilds strategy (10 man) I'm solo'ing all the Courages; I slow them with Glyphed Curse of Exhaustion and soak their sparks with UR + Bulwark and then DB, as you are.

    All I can say for nuking the Courage faster is save Dark Soul for them when you can. I save my first Dark Soul for the first Courage and from then on I just sort of wing it.
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