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    And Cue Living Story!

    So with the January update (Flame and Frost), ANet promised a new type of event. A one time, story-driven event which would change the game world in some form or another. We just got access to our first little nibble.

    The 'Living Story' starts in Wayfarer Foothills and Diessa Plateau, helping refugees fleeing to Hoelbrak / Black Citadel. You can help them in a variety of ways, and is fairly easy and straightforward. Sadly the heralds which were meant to hound people to these events are lacking of the time of this writing, but nevermind! Head on over to Wayfarer Foothills to start your story, did I mention it has a title too? Become a 'Volunteer' today!

    If you're wanting to skip the learning process, video guide:

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    did the last bit of this with my charr and got this cute picture of a big mean charr and a smiling kid holding hands each other :3

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