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    Extra socket in weapon?

    Hey guys

    I just noticed a monk on my realm (Forgot his name, and he dissapeared while I was googling this), had an extra socket in his Sha Touched fist weapon. So he had the 500 agi Sha gem + a 320 Agi JC gem. I've googled the weapon, and it clearly only got the Sha Touched gem slot.

    Anyone got a clue how this is possible? As a JC I'm realy curious.. ^^
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    Legendary questline adds an extra socket as you progress further

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    Ah thanks for the info!
    Hook 'till you're hooked!

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    Do note that the prismatic socket only works on Sha-Touched weapons, so come 5.2 the Breath of the Black Prince (thing that adds a prismatic socket) won't be usable on the new raid weapons.

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