I've been having issues with queries being held for 4secs + at given times for my site. I'm a live streamer and can have anywhere from 50-1000 viewers watching. If I post a link to a thread some people get "database error" messages. I assume that's because HostMonster as a 15 user limit on SQL requests. While this shouldn't be an issue since most request are passed within milliseconds from what I'm told. I'm thinking about leaving HostMonster and moving to a vps or a dedicated. My community is growing at a faster rate than I expected.

My question is if my conclusions are correct that it's due to being on a shared hosting server vBulletin runs slow at times and can even hang SQL queries to cause me to hit my database limit set in place by my host. In doing so they also throttle my site.

Some info about my site traffic, 430.83 MB Disk Space used. 32.42 MB vBulletin SQL Database size. Also, I did run VSa - ChatBox and was curious would that also cause hangups in queries? I've since turned it off to see if it would run better, but I think it's best for me to move to vps or dedicated.

Slow queries log created for over 1 sec, from the pattern of these log creation times is my site being attacked?

Is it my host? My vBulletin install? Maybe a plugin that do something on this timing pattern? Moving off a shared hosting server will help?

Site: www.elvinelol.com

Thanks for the help in advance!