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    balance the classes pls

    k, so theres a lot of dumb abilities that they decided to give certain classes that didin't need it.
    but heres a list of the things i find wrong on this game.

    hunters... deterance is a 1 min cd, do you really need to give them abiltiy to pop it twice?
    call out 5 pets and be able to use all 5 pet ablities? really?
    not to mention the chain cc they can do.

    mages... yep real smart, lets give fire mages all the frost mages skills, so now they can nuke you and hit your for over 150k but they won't die so easy.
    they all ready have a ton of ways to control everyone, do we really needed to give them more op abilties, drop one frostbomb, watch everyone die. so stupid.

    druids... simbiosis most stupid thing they could had added to the druids... not only u give them a vanish, now they can use abilties fromother classes to even survive and be more hard to kill? oh and boomies, yeah, lets just spam one ablitiy , do tons of dmg, and never go oom...

    pallys.... lets just heal everyone, without even casting and never go oom. Dumb that a pally can fully heal someone with just instant spell and never go oom.. not to mention giving them a third cc, was just extra dumb. they can all ready stun you twice and interrupt, they didin't need an extra cc. and if thats the case they give all healers 3 types of cc and interrupts.

    warriors... need a nerf

    dks need a nerf

    monks.... even more dumb than rogues, class that can just chain stun you to death.

    dunno, really think they need to look at all the classes and take away all the extra stuff classes don't need. Some allready do way to much of dmg, cc to even give them more dmg or cc.

    Fact that when u see videos of mages doing 1v2 in arena, and just raping everything on a proc... just tells that the class needs a nerf. or talens need to be balance more. Dks being able to solo bosses... just tells you how op a class is and how it should be nerf.

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    U do know this is a fansite blizz doesnt look here for opinions on class balance, if there is a pvp feedback thread on the official wow forums then u might want to post this thread here and maybe clean it up a bit.

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    You sound like a really bad player that gets demolished by everything and you can't figure out why so therefore in your eyes it's broken.

    I feel 100% spot on in my diagnosis.

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    "help blizz im no good in pvp so remove everything ty"

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    I can't see this as anything but flamebait.

    Constructive discussion is good, flamebait is bad.

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