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    Huge WoW PC problem

    I don't know what it is, but i'm getting sick of these problems with running WoW on my pc.

    Like every few months, I get a new problem with properly running WoW.
    It is either a WoWError with the files, my internet connection, random dcs or my pc shutting down.

    I can't even remember when these kind of problems started, but everytime i get a problem like the ones above, I eventually have to back-up my pc to re-install WoW. because i've tried to re-install it without backing up my pc, but that never makes the problem go away (taking 1-2 days of my time to reinstall it).

    Recently another problem occured, haven't played WoW for 2 days and i can't start launcher because of some datafile..
    and when i tried to install the ptr, which i immediately removed, severely crushed my further internet connection with everything i do on ONLY my pc.

    the problems are that:
    - i never know what exactly is wrong
    - i know nothing about computers

    so i don't know where to properly post this but the general discussion, since it's general.
    if unapropriate here feel free to move it.

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    Well, you provide not much information to work with...

    Working with what you described I might try to guess what could be wrong:
    1.st WoWErrors - if you randomly have problem with files try to defragment the HDD and run some diagnostic tool (Scandisk can be enough in full scan). There migh be some unreadable clusters on the HDD and WoW happens to be in there. can cause the DC, PC lock up and sometime PC crash (the Blues screen of death).

    2.nd PC shutting down - as I mentioned the cause can be anything. Try to check for updated Drivers for your VGA and other hardware. Also check if your power supply is enough (if you experience random shutdown sometime it can be that).

    some general advice like scan for viruses and other stuff for cleaning internet connection might be added.

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    Sounds like you have another problem happening.. hardware related. Not WoW.

    Listen to Dukenukem... Check your PSU and Check your HDD. Do a full diag on your RAM as well.
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    Hey Gunior,

    You're welcome to open a ticket and send us your diagnostics for the computer. That way we can at least get a snapshot of your system and see any other programs that may be interfering with the game. Sounds like there's a few things that could be going on here, and having this diagnostic information will be of value to help us assist you.


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    Thank you guys for helping me out here.

    But as I said, I know little of computers. That's the main reason why I posted it here, so people can give me tips on how to solve this problem.
    going to check my pc for this a.s.a.p.

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    If you don't know anything about computers, I suggest taking it into a shop. I would hate to hear that you ruined your computer further by messing with things you don't understand.

    OT: When did Blizzard start posting on MMO? I must have missed something.

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