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    Heroic lei shi guides?

    I've been trying to find a guide for heroic lei shi but I can't seem to find anything, icy-veins doesn't have an article for the heroic mode and fatboss hasn't made a video on it yet. So my question is if there is any other website/youtube channel you could recomend me for this specific boss.

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    We did it in 10 man heroic a few days ago with the 3 tanks tactic, so I'll try to explain that as best as I can:

    2 ranged DPS start outside the circle along with the 3rd tank (that was me). Lets call these guys A, B and C respectively.

    When all of them gets 3 stacks, A gets near the boss to get her inside the debuff aura, effectively giving it a 30% damage taken debuff.

    After that, A and B switch places once the debuff on the guy who is near the boss runs out. The main issue with this fight is that there MUST be a debuff bearer near the boss at all times. Just in and out A and B will switch places.

    Hide must be ended really quickly, as the boss stops stacking the debuff during that phase even if you are outside her radius. Get Away might be troublesome, but if A or B (whoever's turn that is) can stay near the boss (bear in mind the rest of the raid should not get near A or B ever) it can be ended quickly. When Protectors spawn, C taunts one of the adds outside the circle and this add is bursted down (thanks to the huge debuff provided by C, this ends fast but stuns are needed as C will take huge damage). All other adds are CCed ASAP. This is vital.

    All of this repeats until C gets 20 stacks. When that happens, A and B join the raid and they don't get stacks anymore. C gets near the boss, and gives it 200% damage increase. Just before a special attack comes, or debuff has around 10-12 seconds remaining, C leaves the boss radius and refreshes the stack. It is vital that the stack is never dropped. BL is given around 25%, and if this can be kept up (which is pretty easy actually), the kill will happen.

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