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    Replacing Graphics Card

    Today my graphics card I have been using died on me so I am replacing it. The card I was previously using was a Radeon HD 6850, the performance I got during games was ok but nothing amazing(most games played on high settings around 25-30 frames). I am replacing it with a Gtx 660 ti, my question is what kind of performance could I expect with this card and will it be a very noticeable upgrade? I would post my other system specs but I am currently using my phone to post. Thanks for any constructive responses though.

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    The 660ti performs a fair bit better than the 6850, however keep in mind that different games will handle differently. The 6850 is on par with a GeForce 460, which is still a respectable card, if not dated.

    Also, since you already have the card.... what does it matter? Plug it in, use it, find answer.

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    I ordered the GTX today probably won't have it till the end if the week.

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    Expect around 100-150 % more performance in most games. You will be happy for your purchase.
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    I replaced my ATI Radeon 6870 with the NVIDIA Geforce 660ti and the difference honestly has been night and day. i was shocked at how much more of an improvement I am getting so far. You will love it

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