☆ About us:

Manifest Destiny is a 10 man raiding guild originating on Eu-Outland. With us are players that have extensive raiding experience, and have been successfully part of good raiding guilds in the past. We are in no way a top guild, but we do expect our members to be up to date and ready to raid the days we raid, this way progressing with Manifest Destiny can be an enjoyable experience for everyone. We are all a friendly bunch of people who like to have a good time, keeping raiding fun while maintaining steady progression. We are running a tight raiding schedule consisting of 2 day's. To fully exploit these hours of raiding we do roll with a serious and focused attitude.

☆ Progression:


☆ Schedule:

- Wednesday: 19:00 to 23:30h server time (CET).
- Sunday: 19:00 to 23:30h server time (CET).

☆ Requirements:

What we ask from you is to have raiding experience on heroic difficulty, be competent in knowing tactics for the latest content in Mists of Pandaria and a good understanding of your class/role/spec. You must have a reasonable understanding of English and a working microphone. Being willing to communicate is mandatory.

Gear is not a major concern to a certain point as long as you are able to show you know your class to a good standard. We have a high focus on reliability and motivation of players. We have a small roster and expect people in this roster to have very high to perfect attendance. We are looking for long term, dedicated players.

We won't tolerate people that are showing up late for raids, afk-ing a lot or appear to hold up a group by any cause. We're not hardcore, we do not raid a lot, but when we raid we want to achieve appropriate progression. If you feel like this, then please apply!

☆ Apply at:


> Make sure your character is up to date meaning good professions, good enchants and appropriate gemming/reforging.
> Include a UI screenshot and a link to a good WOL log to your application.
> Make sure you don't have irl commitments on Wednesday and Sunday evening! Good luck

Got any questions? contact the following people in-game:
Zlayer, Rynamite or Repac

Thanks for reading - Manifest Destiny

(edit) - we need:
deathknight (tank) high
monk (tank) high
Rogue low
shaman (elemental) medium
shaman (restoration) medium

But any good app's will be look'd at!