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    Does changing the active spec still affects the loot of the bonus roll?

    I know that there have been multiple confirmations of this question in the past, but does changing the active spec after killing a boss still affects the available loot that I can get by using a Elder Charm of Good Fortune? Several guildmates say that this has been changed so that the bonus roll only gives the loot from the spec the player was in when the kill happened, but I couldn't find any confirmation for that.

    So my question is: Did someone recently change the spec after killing a boss and then got an item from the bonus roll that can only drop in one of the two specs? If yes, please say which spec it was. Also please say the raid mode because I want to do this in normal mode, not in LFR.

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    Just as a note, if it works in LFR it will most likely work in normal / heroic as well.

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    it was confirmed not long ago that active spec is what matters.

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    I did it the other week, normal spirit kings.
    Was dps'ing, changed to tank, used coin, won shield like a boss
    Edit: Obtained Steelskin, Qiang's Impervious Shield. 14/01/2013
    So 2 weeks ago
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    2 weeks ago should be recently enough, thanks!

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