View Poll Results: Funnest class in your opinion (both pve and pvp)

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  • Frost Mage

    2 1.72%
  • Fire Mage

    11 9.48%
  • Arcane Mage

    5 4.31%
  • b00mkin

    17 14.66%
  • Elemental Shaman

    27 23.28%
  • Demo Lock

    13 11.21%
  • Destro Lock

    10 8.62%
  • Affli Lock

    16 13.79%
  • Disco Priest

    3 2.59%
  • Shadow Priest

    12 10.34%
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    Funnest caster class

    not best/most powerful/strongest but funnest caster class in YOUR opinion
    just that. can be both pvp and pve

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    Personally, I love my elemental shaman! Nothing funnier than hurling flaming lava at something

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    Well it isn't arcane mage, thats for sure.

    I like playing warlock, pretty much every spec is fun.

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    The funniest caster , or caster that i have most fun with , it must be .. holy paladin.


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    Bump for more opinions(?)

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    Elemental Shaman, Why? Two really long words....


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    I voted disco priest, although you can't really put a lone healer spec amidst a bunch of dps. It's only an alt, but I found it ridiculously fun to level (out-dpsing the dps while healing them and being quite able to tank if the tank quits) and to run thru LFR (it's getting a nerf, but I love the choice of strong tank healing or powerful raid shielding/healing). Shadow is also fun as an offspec, although i doubt I'd like to raid with it.

    I'll be interested to see how this poll progresses, as I have not managed to level a dps caster yet and also wonder which one would be most fun.

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    Elemental Shaman for several reasons.

    1. They wear mail and carry a shield.
    2. Their spells have a chance to recast. Hurling 4 lava burst in a row is pretty awesome.
    3. Chain Lightning.
    4. They can knock people off ledges while stunned.
    5. They probably have more utility abilities than any other caster.
    6. If they die they can self-res.

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    Ele shammies. Chain Lightning or other lightning spells are my favourite spell in every game.

    Affli locks and shadow priests are second. Dot a mob, dot a second mob, dot a third mob, dot a fourth and fift mob. Wait. Loot. Fun!

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    Shadow priest for me, but that's not saying much since all casters bore me to fucking tears.

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    It's not as fun as it was to me in the past, but I still think Shadow is really fun to play.
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    Toss up between Shadow Priest, and Demo Lock.

    The most boring would have to be Frost Mage

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    Has to be destruction, although I greatly prefer the wotlk and cataclysm version of destruction over the current.

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    Destro warlock we are the true fire users of this game. We lite anybody fire ^_-

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    Boomkin! my main is an Owl, has been since forever (6+ years) and I love her dearly, the spec has been through the mill regarding gameplay changes, but for the best, back in TBC you were lucky to see a raiding boomkin, myself and only one other on our server got the joy of being *allowed* to raid. Then WOTLK saw major changes and a large boom of people rolling Balance.

    They can do some fab damage, have a crap ton of survivability tools, and their AOE damage is through the roof, I have rolled mage/lock/elemental shammy/Priest and none of them close to being as fun as my MoonOwl. (Perhaps the Shadow priest as a close one)

    <3 my boomie.

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    Spriest or Balance Druid. Mage was fun until the Fire nerfs, Arcane okay, frost okay. Ele shaman reminds me or wrath Arcane, simple and boring. Lock, destro is alright.

    I actually read someone complaining about how hard it was leveling a balance druid in Pandaria... I found that laughable, my druid was probably the easiest to level as. Glyph of Stars was a must.

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    Warlock pretty much any spec. Only caster class I really like to play

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    Ele Shaman because how can you not like lava burst.
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    For me it's a tie between destro lock and ele shaman.

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