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    [PVP] Upgrade offhand dagger vs new malevolent piece (1750 CP) ?

    I need your advice guys, which would benefit me more for subtlety and assasination:

    1) To upgrade my offhand dagger from 470 to 478 ilvl
    2) To get a malevolent burst trinket
    3) To get malevolent shoulders/boots/belt

    It seems the first option would give me the most pvp power, the second - a bit of pvp power and some on demand agility, and the third - some permanent agility.

    My main hand dagger is upgraded, I have 3 malevolent pieces, and the rest of my gear is upgraded dreadful.

    Thanks in advance

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    get gear imo, and your dmg is based on the main weapon, if I'm not wrong..

    so the 2nd is just for stats/off autoattacks, unless you're playing mutilate.. gear is better
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    The offhand weapon has a smaller impact compared to the MH.

    Anyway, upgrading the weapons is always the priority - but for PvP there are a lot more variables, if you don't have a good trinket, go for that. Look for the best upgrade, there is no fixed order (while there is some priority).
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    The only pieces I found that going from Dreadful to Malevolent wasn't worth it compared to upgrades were:

    > The "free from effect" pvp trinket. This thing has such a huge portion of its stat budget used up in freeing you from an effect that you're better off running the 471 one until a LOT of your gear is upgraded to 391.
    > The jewelry and little pieces weren't worth trading out for Malevolent compared to the weapons and on-use effect trinket.

    I haven't done any math here, but here's what I think you should do:

    1)- Upgrade your offhand weapon, or purchase a spellblade offhand. The pvp power on these is huge. Note if you buy the spellblade offhand, it will be nerfed in 5.2, and you will want to use an agi one then.
    2)- Purchase 483 Hat, Chest, Legs. These have a LOT of stats on them.
    3)- Upgrade the "on use" effect 483 trinket to 491.
    Those three I'm not exactly sure of the order, but I know they come before your other choices. Once they are handled, then I would suggest:
    4)- Purchase 483 Shoulders/Gloves/Belt/Boots. These offer intermediate stats, and the "purchase" option is more stats than upgrading hat, chest, legs.
    5)- Purchase 483 Jewelry/Cape/Bracers- I think this is still better than upgrading the big pieces.

    Once you are full 483 with both weapons and your on-use trinket upgraded, EXCEPT for your "pvp trinket", which is still 471, then I think you should begin upgrading the 483 pieces to 491, starting with the biggest stat gains (head/chest/legs), and then working your way down in terms of stats / conquest point.

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