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    Looking for Add-on: Health Bar/Plate above MY own head

    Hello all - I am searching for/wonder if there is any add-on that adds a health bar/plate (ala TidyPlates, which is a great add-on) above MY OWN character's head. I have had a hard time finding any such thing (StatusBars seems close, but apparently it is not working correctly/no longer supported for MoP).

    Thanks in advance!

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    id also like to know

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    I've done a quick google and these are some addons that suggest they can do self name plates:


    Another option would be to make a Heads up display in something like weak auras?

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    Addons can only re-skin nameplates, not add new ones.

    However, since your character is always in the same place on the screen (centered, mostly), you can just place your player UnitFrame just above your character.
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