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    Intel MAX Raid screwup

    I installed my new motherboard today ASrock Z77 extreme 3 and I also installed all the drivers that it came with on the installation disk. Little did I know that it installed something called intel max raid and automatically it appears it put my two 500g SATAs into raid 0 without me even know it and it caused them to corrupt all my data on them. Now I can't even find the option to un-raid them and now my only option is to FORMAT and get rid of 300GB of movies and 150gb of games that I'll have to re-download. At least iT didn't mess with my SSD.

    Not only this but my razer naga decided it doesn't want to work anymore so now all of my keybinds in wow will be useless and my backup mouse only has left and right click.

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    Pays to do your research ahead of time.

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    What happens if you uninstall the software?
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    Quote Originally Posted by n0cturnal View Post
    What happens if you uninstall the software?
    I un-installed them and for some reason it fixed it. I'm glad I didn't format.

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