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    Renovo[25man]-Twisting nether eu 9/16hc recruiting.

    Renovo is a 25man horde guild on the realm Twisting Nether.
    We just recently transfered there from our old home Ravenholtd in search of new adventures and more adequate recruitment pool.

    ~*~ Renovo ~*~

    General info:
    The guild was created in the middle of wotlk content, ever since then the guild had one purpose to raid as less as possible but with high quality of raids to be able to defeat all content blizzard has to trow at their playerbase.
    The guild achieved a lot during all the previous tiers most notable achievement was the killing of LK-25man heroic as world rank at 572 and eu one 281 rank.
    We are friendly and helpful guild with a lot of experienced players all around who are looking to have fun on a not so tight schedule and still be able to complete the game at reasonable pace.

    Server info:
    We recently migrated to our new home Twisting Nether and so far we can say it is a very welcoming and higly populated realm.

    We are currently looking for:
    Death Knights - 1(DPS)
    Druids - (Resto)
    Hunters - 1(very exceptional
    Paladins - (Healer)
    Warrior -(DPS)
    Warlock - 1
    Mage - 1,2
    And other classes and roles if the application is deemed good enough.

    Our progression is:

    WOTLK - everything cleared on heroic
    Cataclysm -
    Tier 11 - 9/13 heroic before the firelands patch with nefarion killed as the most notable boss on hc and very close % wipes on cho'gall before the firelands patch.
    Tier 12 - 6/7 heroic before the 30% flat nerf on the instance it self.
    Tier 13 - the guild took a heavy hit here and a lot of members decided the content it self was not worth it so we stopped raidnig 25man at 1/8hc in dragonsoul, some of us continued as a 10man and kept the guild alive so we managed to clear 8/8hc with the 15% nerf on the instance.
    Tier 14 - we rebuilded the guild from scratch and we are now raiding 25man once again with 8/16 heroic bosses downed at this moment.

    Our current progression is 9/16 heroic : 6/6hc in MSV 3/5hc in HoF and 4/4 ToES.

    Our raiding times are :

    Thursday - 19:30-23:30
    Sunday - 20:00-23:00
    Tuesday - 19:30-23:30

    Application can be made at the application form at our site renovo-guild.com

    Good luck and thanks for reading!

    Hope to see from you soon.
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    and bumping it up because we need the players.

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    bump we go up .

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    Up Up Up and Above.

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    Come on really there are no dk's and warlocks out there?

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    Looking for a good warlock and mage please.

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    Warlocks warlocks come out to play.

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    Updated progress and recruitment for the classes.

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